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Welcome to the Savoy Beach Hotel 4 Star Luxury,
modern temple among the ancient temples


Elegant details


The wide revolving door of the entrance leads into the majestic hall, the heart of the hotel. Here, towering columns of Doric style, created with a modern twist, pay homage to the history of Paestum and lead the eye upwards, until the amber chandelier: a precious detail, consisting of 800 leaves in Murano blown glass and gold, which gives to the room a soft golden light.


Italian Hotel Design

Design Experience

Unique pieces of refined furnishings, attention to details. The excitement stems from valuable exhibits that accompany the visitor along an ideal route, from classic references to modern masterpieces.

To discover that the Savoy Beach Hotel is itself a work of art.


Relaxing holiday

L 'immense pool

The main pool, fully mosaic in the shape of a large amphitheater, is ideal to treat yourself with long moments of tranquility, immersed in a corner of paradise.


The swimming pools and the garden

The garden park

Marvel among marvels, the Savoy Beach Hotel Garden Park of Paestum covers 40,000 square meters. A truly sub-tropical vegetation that grows along the lush pools to be surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation of the Cilento. A walk in to the Italian garden and along the romantic paths will awaken all your senses. Here, color harmonies and fragrances enhance every moment of your stay, naturally.


America Bar

Exclusive club

The style of the American Bar meets the traditional Italian hospitality in this elegant place where you can taste fine wines, relax with a cocktail or toast to a victory with a glass of Champagne.

Every day, the bar of the Savoy Beach Hotel offers impeccable and refined services. Here, cappuccino and espresso respect the Italian tradition and sweets and cakes are prepared daily, as well as croissants and brioches.


Amazing view

The panoramic terrace

Overlooking the pool and the garden park, framed by roses and play of water, the Savoy Beach Hotel's terrace offers moments of incredible beauty and intense emotion. A large space, ideal for welcome drinks and dances. Falling in love under the stars, every moment more.