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Paestum weddings

At the Savoy Beach Hotel, the dream of a perfect wedding starts long before the fateful day. The bride and groom will confide their wishes to our Wedding Planner, who will make them using the structure to the best of its potential, coordinating the staff for the realization of every detail. From the banquet-style to the day's program to the menu, the couple will make the rules they want. In addition they will be advised on the choice of music, the wedding cars, wedding cake and even since the wedding dress.


A fairy tale come true

Getting married in Cilento

The event planning wedding at the Savoy Beach Hotel combines all the possibilities: the kitchen is able to satisfy every taste, the rooms are magnificent and the mise en place, the silver crystals, expresses style, sobriety and sophistication. The dishes chosen and used are of fine Limoges porcelain. The couple - who are always our guests the wedding night - can also choose to get married on the beach and have access to our Beach Club 93.

Paestum illuminates the hearts and inspires lovers. Getting married in the beautiful setting of the Temple of Hera, Athena and Poseidon is a dream, do it by choosing the Savoy Beach Hotel for receipt is undoubtedly its coronation.

Since 2001, the Savoy Beach Hotel creates a romantic and elegant wedding receptions and, thanks to great expertise in the industry, offers complete solutions to make the day of the Yes unique and unforgettable.


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Kitchen first of all

Over the years our kitchen has become a real factor for the success of events at the Savoy Beach Hotel. Divided into areas by preparation type, our chef can meet any request along with offering our Express Menu service. This means that the entire menù choosen for the wedding feast is prepared on the day and in a coordinated manner, allowing us to serve up to 1000 guests at the same time. With our banqueting manager at the helm orchestrating a perfect preparation and hosting every guest, every dish is not only cooked to perfection but served at the optimal temperature.