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Cilento Coast


“It is like God, here, created his house with enormous blocks of stone"

Friedrich Nietzsche



Created by the Greeks of Sibari around the 600 before Chirst with the name of Poseidonia, from the god of the sea Poseidon, Paestum was one of the richest and most flourishing Greek colony of the South of Italy. The fall of Sibari by the Crotonesi in 510 before Christ was the first rich moment for Poseidonia: the surving Sibariti brought in the new colony all of their riches and created the three temples still visible today. Occupied by Lucani, it lived a declining periodo after that, in 273,it become Roman colony with the name of Paestum.

Roma added Paestum in its borning empire: cultural and economical activities reflourished and new public builidings like the amphiteater, the foro and the gimnasium were built. Still today they are visitable as part of the archeological park. Around the VII century after Christ, the production of new streets for the commerce with the East, Malaria epidemics and the raids of Saraceni pirates marked the beginning of its decline. Since 1991 the Archological Park of Paestum, in the town of Capaccio, is Unesco World Heritage.

Cilento Coast


"And now the olive trees have a halo of light around the leaves, like the saints. Now the mountains flanking we go back and forth, and some go on water rights, and others, prostrate, flattened, extending in prayer towards the water [...]. "

Giuseppe Ungaretti, The miraculous catch



Declared Unesco World Heritage, the Cilento is a region placed in southern Salerno, between the gulf of Salerno and of Policastro. The first villages finded dated back to the middle palolithic and neolithic. The Sibariti, descendant of the Achei, founded Poseidonia, then become Paestum during the Roman period, in the same time the Focesi coming from Asia founded Elea, today Velia. This last one will host the Eleatic School of Filosofy of Senofane and the medic one, from wich originated the Medical School of Salerno.

The Cilento Coast is known for its natural beauties and for the indisputable quality of its seaside: every year many places of this cost are rewarded from several envaronmental associations. In 1997, with a Unesco recognition, the Cilento has joined the prestigeous network of the MAB (Man and Biosphere) Riserve of the Biosphere: it is almost 350 protected areas all over the world, aimed to safeguard biodiversities and promote the compatible developement between nature and culture.

Italian dream


From the splendor of Amalfi Coast to the shades of the Blue Cave in Capri.



From the splendor of the Amalfi Coast to the shades of the Blue Cave in Capri. To the timeless enchantment of the town of Pomepi to the Waterfalls Capelli di Venere.

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